The only thing Orlando Canine Country is missing, is an actual pool! Our bone shaped baby pools are so popular with our guests, we wanted to give them something more in keeping with the theme of our ½ acre leash free “driving range/backyard”… we decided the design of the pool should resemble a body of water you might see on the golf course. Sure, bone-shaped or paw-shaped pools are really cute, but one that looks beautiful and is functional was our goal.

Fun Ideas

occc pool construction
We're underway!
On one side, the pool is a beach front entry (slope) so the dogs can easily walk into the water. On the other side, we built a lounging ledge for our smaller guests. The pool will be 3 ½ feet deep in the middle so our large breed dogs can be buoyant and get their swim on! And since our sprinklers and water hose are also so popular, we added “bubblers” that shoot water streams in the air for our guests to chase.


occc pool construction
Yuka on the lookout
With summer being the rainy season in Florida, we’re going to have to be patient to get the pool completed. We are waiting for the electrical work and plumbing to be done, then the concrete patio will be poured. Our final feature will be a wrought iron fence around the pool, for the safety of our guests. We’ll keep you updated on the progress and the red ribbon ceremony when it opens!

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