Getting our website up to par was our #1 priority for 2012, and now it has become a reality. We wanted to make our site user friendly, provide on line reservation forms, give you easy access to web cams, and dedicate an area to all our guests.

Our guests featured on the website

Since our inception in 2009, we have had more than 1,200 dogs become part of the OCCC family. We have included many of our guests in our Photo Gallery and throughout our site including the Fan Mail page. Thank you for letting your dog be part of our exciting new look!

More convenience for you and your pet

One of the most popular requests was for an online reservation. We always look forward to speaking with you on the phone, but for convenience, we added the online reservation form. We have also made it easier to use the web cams. Be sure to check out our really cool floor plan page to find all our webcams.

Stay in touch with OCCC

We have also added blogging (which you are reading now) to keep you up to date at what’s going on at OCCC. Whether you’re a frequent guest, or haven’t been in awhile, you can check our blog posts for new information. We also have our Facebook page, and Twitter!

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