Dog kenneling has come a long way in the past 20 years. Gone are the days of the chain link fences with concrete runs and dogs barking and jumping at each other wanting to get out. There may be some of these rustic facilities still operating, but boarding has definitely gone to the dogs!

Today, dog boarding offers so much more. From full sized beds, to television sets, to bottled water, you can find some of the most interesting items and accommodations for your pet. Depending on your pet’s breed, temperament and socialization skills, you can choose either a kennel or a boarding facility for your dog.

Dog Kennels

  • Dogs that are kenneled are usually contained to one area…“their kennel”
  • Chain link fencing creates a stressful environment because the dogs can see each other
  • Referred to as the small pens or crates you can buy to confine your dog
  • Kennel is also a term used to describe breeding facilities

Dog Boarding

  • Referred to as services that care for your pet during a period of time
  • Boarding is used in terms of “room and board”
  • Dogs that are boarded do not excrement in their rooms, as they would do in a crate at a kennel or veterinary facility
  • Dogs that are boarded have individual, walled rooms for safety, stress free environment and contentment
  • Dogs that are boarded are socialized, exercised and supervised while maintaining a daily schedule

It may be difficult to leave your dog in the care of others, but those working in the dog industry are doing it for the love of the animals. I built my facility because I was unable to find a place I would leave my Labrador Retrievers. They needed room to run and play as well as a comfy place to sleep at night. And keeping them on a routine was important… our outings are at the same time everyday and our guests know when its play time, meal time and nap time! Routine and exercise is the key to happy, healthy dogs.

If you’re looking for a facility, look no further than Orlando Canine Country Club. Each day our guests enjoy multiple, all inclusive outings for group play. Every outing is supervised by our Pet Care Technicians who will help your dog adapt to social activities. Whether it’s playing in the baby pools or sprinkler, chasing the ball or Frisbee, or just wanting to explore the ½ acre backyard, your dog will fit right into the daily routine.

“Oscar has so much fun at The OCCC he comes home pooped!”— Jen S.