• Why is it named Orlando Canine Country Club?

    The name Orlando Canine Country Club encompasses our passion to have the best for your dog… and what’s better than a Country Club? We’ll pamper your pooch with our large outdoor play areas and comfy indoor suites.

  • How is Orlando Canine Country Club different than other dog facilities?

    We provide on-site outdoor facilities for your dog to run leash free. Many facilities are in warehouse complexes, but we own our 1 acre of land and 5,600 square foot building. We include all outdoor and indoor play time in our prices, and do not need to take dogs for walks… you’re pooch will be pooped after running around all day.

  • How close is Orlando Canine Country Club to the airport?

    We are less than 5 miles from Orlando International Airport. (3.7 miles) We are just two turns out of the airport from 436 (Semoran Blvd.) See Hours & Directions

  • Do you have airport parking?

    We do not have airport parking, but we have teamed up with Park, Bark and Fly to give our guests special rates.

  • What are the requirements?

    We require all pets to be current with their vaccinations. Required: Bordatella every 6 months, Rabies, and Distemper. Recommended: Canine Influezna. All shot records must be received at the time the reservation is made. All dogs must be spayed or neutered. Visit our Plan Your Stay page to see other rules and regulations.

  • What is Temperament Testing all about?

    Temperament Testing is for the safety of your pet and our staff. We must evaluate your pet’s temperament and personality to make sure he/she will be social with other dogs.

  • What days and times is the facility open?

    We are open 7 days a week for your convenience. See our Hours and Directions page for more details.

  • Do I need to make a reservation for my dog?

    Yes, you can make a reservation by visiting our Reservations page for more details.

  • Why should my dog go to Doggie Day Care?

    Doggie Day Care helps your dog stay active all day while you’re away. He/she will enjoy the company of other dogs, while getting plenty of exercise indoors and outdoors.

  • Why does my dog need Nap Time during Day Care or an overnight stay?

    Because our guests play both inside and outside, it is important that they get a mandatory rest period from 12-2 everyday in individual crates. This helps promote happier dogs.

  • What will my dog do during an overnight stay?

    An overnight stay includes all day play and your dog’s own suite for sleeping. Visit A Day at OCCC to see our daily schedule or our Dog Boarding page for a list of our various accommodations.

  • What do I need to bring for my dog’s overnight stay?

    To plan for your dogs’ vacation, visit our Plan Your Stay page.

  • Why are there no TV’s in the dog’s suites or Caddie Shacks?

    Only a small percentage of dogs watch TV. Your pooch will be pooped and need to rest in their room .

  • What is a Caddie Shack?

    Caddie Shacks are located upstairs in our facility… the are a larger room for your dog(s) with twin, full or queen sized beds! Each Caddie Shack comes with its own personal web cam to view your dog anytime during office hours.

  • Where are the Webcams located and how can I view them?

    The Webcams are placed in all our Day Care Rooms and all our outdoor play areas. All Caddie Shacks have individual web cams as well.

  • What if my dog gets injured or sick?

    If your dog gets sick or injured during office hours, we will contact your vet and try to get an appointment… or contact the closest vet to our facility. If it is after hours, we will contact the appropriate emergency clinics. All vet costs are the responsibility of the owner and must be paid separately. OCCC will not charge you for taking your pet to the vet.

  • Can I board other animals at Orlando Canine Country Club?

    We also board cats… as well as other small animals. If you have other animals you wish to board, please ask our staff about availability.