I can’t imagine the panic of my pets being lost… the agony of putting up signs and scouring the neighborhood and calling out my pets’ name in a fluster. Thankfully, I won’t have too… I have them micro-chipped. Why? Because micro chipping has come a long way since it was developed in the 1980’s. At first, only certain scanners could identify certain microchips. Today, there are universal scanners at every veterinary clinic and animal shelter worldwide.

The benefits of micro chipping

  • When a lost pet is found… the first thing any shelter or veterinary clinic will do is scan the pet for a microchip
  • A microchip holds the pet owner’s contact information and the owner can be contacted within minutes of finding the pet
  • A micro chip can’t fall off like a collar or tags… although it can move from its original position, so the vet or shelter will scan the entire pet
  • Micro chipping is safe for pets… only a small percentage of problems have been reported due to micro chipping
  • Since 1980, Home Again (one of the larger micro chipping companies) claims more than 600,000 lost pets have been reunited with their owners

The steps of micro chipping

  • Contact your vet or local shelter for micro chipping costs and appointments
  • Most pets are micro chipped without the use of anesthesia… the microchip is the size of a small grain of rice, and inserted by needle
  • Once the microchip is inserted, you will receive information about what company to contact. You must keep the documents your receive to provide the microchip number to the microchip company
  • There is a yearly cost to maintaining membership of the microchip… costs vary with companies and number of pets micro chipped
  • Keep your microchip information with your pets records
  • At annual vet visits, ask your vet to scan for the microchip to know where it is located, and that it is still working. Any problems should be reported to the microchip company
  • If any of your contact information changes, you need to call the micro chip company and give them your current information. Other wise, the microchip will be pointless if they can’t find you

Rescue organizations are making strides in providing the best care for lost and surrendered pets up for adoption. If you adopt a pet from a local rescue group, chances are, the pet will be micro chipped from the organization. For those strays, they may have found their original owners had they been micro chipped.

“Our dog’s favorite thing at OCCC.....the pools! They have a client for life in us!”— Mark B.